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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vintage Christmas Blow Mold Lights

One of my favorite things to collect now, thanks to my friend Emily, is vintage or retro blow mold lights. For whatever reason, the last few weekends in my tiny town, have been awesome for estate sales! I can't believe how huge the giant Santa Claus is! Amazing! I am working on dating him (for my own curiosity) but all I can find is "Made in Canada" so far. Most blow molds I see or find, are the size of the smaller ones by his feet.  He will go great with my HUGE snowman I happened to find at the Farm Chicks Show this year.  

The two smaller Santa Claus lights are by "Empire" and dated to 1968.  Empire was a popular maker of children's plastic toys.  They made wonderful Christmas and Halloween plastic blow mold lights between the dates of 1967-1978, as I understand.  The Noel candlestick is dated 1970.

The nice thing is that all four came with their light bulb and cords!  Like anything vintage, sometimes it is hard to find all of the original pieces but I was happy to find cords and bulbs with all of these. 



  1. Love, love, love the vintage blow molds! When I read "I am working on dating him (for my own curiosity)" all I could picture was buckling the large Santa into the front seat of your car and driving him to the movies. :) The image makes me smile! Maybe Roy could ride along in the back seat.

  2. Well, good thing I am sending one Santa Claus your way so Roy won't be lonely! This was seriously, one of my all-time favorite finds!

  3. Hello and seasons greetings! I just came across your picture of your large Santa blow mold ... I have the same one I rescued from a curb waiting for the GARBAGE TRUCK! Some Ebenezer was going to throw him out a month before Christmas. Seriously that guy is getting the biggest lump of coal ever. I to looked him over and could not even find "made in Canada" much less any manufacturers mark. Have you had any luck?

  4. Big santa is made by TPI, Canada from 1987-2001. Hope that helps.