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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hubby Hallowen paper crafting

That hubby of mine got a wild hair this last weekend and started decorating for Halloween.  I mean, seriously, our house is in full on Halloween decorating mode!  I know it's early, but how can you stifle a husband's pure joy of decorating?  You just can't, it is too sweet.

He also did some paper crafting on Sunday, including this pumpkin he hung up and our console table.  It is so fun and amazing what you can do with some scrapbook paper!  I think his ideas are very clever but I might be a bit biased:)

He turned a simple wood pumpkin into this....

He took the inside of the windows of our console table and papered them with Halloween paper.  He says he would like to do wrapping paper for Christmas this year!  What a fun, easy and cheap way to decorate each year!  I'm glad he thought of it!

Lastly, we took two antique, glass, milk bottles and filled them with Halloween tinsel and battered operated lights, so you don't see cords.  Fun!

Well, that is one small corner of the great room in our house.  Lots more Halloween decorating to come!

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  1. I'm going to show these to Fionn. He's Happy Halloween crazy all.year.long. Cute papercrafting ideas.