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Friday, June 29, 2012

Spray painting pumpkins

Soooooo fun! This last Halloween, on top of the pumpkins we had already purchased, a co-worker of mine gave me three pumpkins from his patch. I had always wanted to try painting pumpkins because to tell you the truth, I really don't like all of the work that comes with carving them. I figured that since I had got the pumpkins for free, this would be a good opportunity to try something different and if it didn't work out, well then I was only out time and not money:)

Green with glitter!  First spray painted it green and let it dry.  Then came back over the top with spray paint silver glitter.

The hubby painted his black.  We decided the third one should be silver.  The pumpkins were a pretty big hit with the kids. We had trick or treaters comment on the pumpkins and lots of kids touch them too!  I'm not really sure why they were interested in touching the pumpkins but it was so funny, they all gravitated to the pumpkins and would comment on them!

This is just random but I like to get into the fun too, so you can sort of see part of my costume here...

Oh summer can go already...I love the fall and the holidays that come with it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Push Pin Pumpkins

Since I started this blog a few months ago, I have gone backwards and posted some holiday crafts and decor that I have done in the past but are not on this blog. Like I said earlier in this blog, my posting will be random. As in, one day I might post about Christmas and the next day, Halloween. The whole focus of this blog is to celebrate holiday decorating and holiday vintage/retro ideas. I just post whatever hits me at the moment! This last Halloween I did some DIY push pin pumpkins. Soooo fun! Something you can do while watching tv!

First on the list, hit up the dollar store or craft store for the little foam pumpkins and some thumbtacks.  There are different types and shapes of pumpkins.  You can find different colors of push pins too.  I prefer the silver, it makes it look "industrial" as my friend Emily put it!

I started following the lines of the pumpkins, starting at the top and then going down.

I just kept pushing them in and pushing them in!  This is why I say it's an activity you can do while watching tv.  I worked on it and then took a break for a day, then came back to it, until I finished it.

Here was a different shape I did...

Once completed, I set them up next to another decorative pumpkin we already had. The funny part about these pumpkins is that once you are finished, you realize that the pumpkins weigh so much!  Like a baseball!!!

Just for an FYI, each pumpkin took about 600 push pins each. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Farm Chicks Show 2012

The hubby and I went to "The Farm Chicks Show" for the first time this year! It is held at the Spokane Fairgrounds. We arrived a half hour early and there were at least 500 people in front of us, in line already.  When the doors opened at 10 AM, the line moved pretty smoothly and we got in the doors at about 10:08 AM.  Now, get this, within those 8 minutes, people had already purchased furniture and decor items and were going back to their cars, to drop off their items, so they could go back in for more shopping.  Can you believe it?  WOW!

Bottom line, it was a fun show with a variety of items, variety of prices and we will be going again:)

Found this set of vintage Valentine's Day cards. Man, I have searched high and low for vintage cards and they are just really hard to come by!

My most favorite find of that day that I purchased was this giant vintage snowman blowmold. He came with his original light fixture! He is the biggest I have ever seen!  I love him!  Yes his paint is chipped and he is oooooold....but I don't care, I love him! 

(Don't mind the mess on our mantel...)

So, as you can see he is HUGE!  Our dog was scared of him at first but then my husband gave him a treat, by him and he warmed up to the Snowman a little bit:)

I also found this milk glass egg cup!  I put the button egg I made for Easter, in it.  If you would like to know more about making your own button egg, you can click here.

I also found a few neat sets of Christmas scrapbook paper and stickers for holiday paper crafts:)

I have to tell you, I think I have the best husband in the world.  He got up really early, drove me to the show, over two hours away, was by my side looking for treasures that I would love, and carried my big purse/bag the entire time that weighed a ton by the end!  He carried everything for me so that we wouldn't have to keep running back to our car.  What a trooper.  He got lots of looks carrying the big snowman out of show, as the ratio of men to women at that place was probably 1 man to 20 women!  I felt fortunate to have him support my hobby. 

When we got home that evening, he surprised me by taking me to the "Snow White and the Huntsman" movie!  I hadn't even heard of the movie before and he had, waiting for it to come out because he knew I would love it.  He was right!  It was very entertaining!