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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Christmas Egg Nog punch Set

One of my older sisters had inspired me with one of her thrift store finds. A vintage Christmas egg nog punch set! She brought it over to my parent's house last Christmas for everyone to use. I fell in love with it right away and started a search on my own:) At an antique store (with lots of different vendors) I found the bowl and some mugs in one area for a great price ($13) and than, in another area, I found just the mugs at $2 each. Well, those aren't "thrift store" prices but none the less, they were great prices for an actual antique mall.

I especially love the Santa Claus and his striped socks!

If you are interested in finding your own set for the holidays, you might try both eBay and Etsy.  You can type in "vintage egg nog set" or "vintage tom and jerry set" and you might have some luck.  These egg nog sets are probably from the 1940's - 1960's but I have had a difficult time really nailing down the dates in my "research" (which really means me trying to find info on the internet). 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Isn't she Christmas dreamy???

Years ago, my sister bought me a subscription to a magazine called "Blueprint, Design your life" (a Martha Stewart publication). The magazine is no longer being published:( So sad! It only lasted a few years, as far as I know. Anyways, the ironic part of this story is that I had purchased this magazine just for the cover and coincidentally one of my older sisters also purchased the magazine subscription for me, based on the same cover of this magazine! She knew I would love it and she was right!

Love her tree, love her dress, love her dog! 

Don't you just want to live in this house for a day at least??? LOL!

While I am at it with the pink theme....

This a "vintage inspired" exclusive Martha Stewart tinsel tree sold by "Grandin Road".  Love the giant, scalloped tart pan it sits in.  If you haven't checked that home decor website out, you've got to!  It is one of my favorites!  Especially for holiday items, they carry a ton of stuff!

Lovely Christmas pink eye candy (found on Google images).

More Christmas eye candy (found on Google images).

Friday, May 25, 2012

"Cutie Pie Cottage" Blog winner

I have finally gotten around to posting about my winning a "give-away" from Holly at her blog, Cutie Pie Cottage. Holly was my first blog friend I met on here, a few months back. She found me on the "My favorite thing" website and visited my blog, left some nice comments and welcomed me to the blogging world. I, in turn, went to visit her blog and left some comments too. This put me into a drawing for a Cutie Pie Cottage gift and I won! She also mentioned my blog in one of her posts which made me feel special!

Here are some pictures of the neat gift package that Holly  generously sent me.

A handmade by Holly Cutie Pie Cottage colorful fabric garland.
A handmade by Holly Cutie Pie Cottage sucker pop (in the vase).
Two vintage cards
A vintage cut out image
Two rolls of ribbon (that will work great for Halloween!)
Two sets of large, polka dot luncheon napkins (for my next tea party!)
Lastly, a Cutie Pie Cottage sticker

How cool is that?  Thanks so much Holly for welcoming me to the blog world.  I will always remember you as my first blogging friend! 

Your generosity has inspired me to have a "give away" of my own. 

Keep watching this blog for details!

Monday, May 21, 2012

4th of July necklace

I saw this necklace on JunkMarketStyle online last year. I vowed to myself that I would make one this year...I need to get on it! JunkMarketStyle is a neat website where people take "junk" and repurpose it.

Here is what the maker of this necklace said, "This beautiful and colorful necklace is an assemblage of antiqued brass chain, vintage milk glass bead chain, and vintage blue glass bead chain. Hanging from the chain is a wonderful collection of vintage trinkets, a cherry red glass bead cluster, vintage flag pin back, and a brass anchor charm. The chain measures 15" and the charms hang 3" off the chains."

I recently found this JunkMarketStyle book at a garage sale for $1!

Time to hit the thrift stores again and see if I can find similar items and try and make this necklace!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My favorite Christmas movie!

"It's a Wonderful Life" is my most favorite Christmas movie of all time and possibly my most all time favorite movie! Once I showed it to my husband, he fell in love too.   If you haven't seen it, you must run out and watch it! 

This movie has soooo many wonderful life lessons about relationships, money, priorities, family, friendships, "the American dream", hope, faith, trust, etc.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I just love the internet for holidays!

I have to admit to you all that I just love surfing the Internet, especially "Google Images" for holiday inspiration clip art and ideas. I just can't get enough of it! Some people like to go to chat rooms or Facebook or Twitter or Ebay but I really love browsing holiday images online. It is so fun to see what people put out there to share with others and honestly, if it's online, then it is public as far as I am concerned. Of course I love Pinterest, but Pinterest only takes you so far.

Retro Halloween

I love her shoes and her yellow pot on the stove!


Retro Snowman family:)  I love how the parents are playing the game with their child when you lift the child up briefly as they are walking along. 

I am digging the ornament apron on the right!