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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Cutie Pie Cottage" Blog winner

I have finally gotten around to posting about my winning a "give-away" from Holly at her blog, Cutie Pie Cottage. Holly was my first blog friend I met on here, a few months back. She found me on the "My favorite thing" website and visited my blog, left some nice comments and welcomed me to the blogging world. I, in turn, went to visit her blog and left some comments too. This put me into a drawing for a Cutie Pie Cottage gift and I won! She also mentioned my blog in one of her posts which made me feel special!

Here are some pictures of the neat gift package that Holly  generously sent me.

A handmade by Holly Cutie Pie Cottage colorful fabric garland.
A handmade by Holly Cutie Pie Cottage sucker pop (in the vase).
Two vintage cards
A vintage cut out image
Two rolls of ribbon (that will work great for Halloween!)
Two sets of large, polka dot luncheon napkins (for my next tea party!)
Lastly, a Cutie Pie Cottage sticker

How cool is that?  Thanks so much Holly for welcoming me to the blog world.  I will always remember you as my first blogging friend! 

Your generosity has inspired me to have a "give away" of my own. 

Keep watching this blog for details!


  1. How exciting!! Giveaways are so much fun! I've been wanting to do one for my blog since last year, maybe I'll do one this year. Congrats on winning!

  2. Thanks for telling you that you posted this! See, I THOUGHT I had been following you already but wasn't. Now I won't miss anything! Glad you enjoyed your give away win. ♥