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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Christmas Egg Nog punch Set

One of my older sisters had inspired me with one of her thrift store finds. A vintage Christmas egg nog punch set! She brought it over to my parent's house last Christmas for everyone to use. I fell in love with it right away and started a search on my own:) At an antique store (with lots of different vendors) I found the bowl and some mugs in one area for a great price ($13) and than, in another area, I found just the mugs at $2 each. Well, those aren't "thrift store" prices but none the less, they were great prices for an actual antique mall.

I especially love the Santa Claus and his striped socks!

If you are interested in finding your own set for the holidays, you might try both eBay and Etsy.  You can type in "vintage egg nog set" or "vintage tom and jerry set" and you might have some luck.  These egg nog sets are probably from the 1940's - 1960's but I have had a difficult time really nailing down the dates in my "research" (which really means me trying to find info on the internet). 


  1. Cheers to you! I have seen the Tom & Jerry sets frequently at the thrift store but that Santa egg nog is really adorable! The paint looks like it's in great shape too. Merry Christmas to you!


  2. I gotta tell ya, I took the word verification off my blog about two weeks ago. No SPAM happens so my worries were in vane. You might want to remove it to, it encourages comments.

  3. What a fun set! Yes, finding things at the thrifts is the cat's meow but sometimes we "have" to buy from the dealers, too! What an addiction! ;)

  4. I love this!! Might have to search ebay. Unfortunately, our thrift stores/antique malls just aren't very good quality here. :(