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Friday, June 29, 2012

Spray painting pumpkins

Soooooo fun! This last Halloween, on top of the pumpkins we had already purchased, a co-worker of mine gave me three pumpkins from his patch. I had always wanted to try painting pumpkins because to tell you the truth, I really don't like all of the work that comes with carving them. I figured that since I had got the pumpkins for free, this would be a good opportunity to try something different and if it didn't work out, well then I was only out time and not money:)

Green with glitter!  First spray painted it green and let it dry.  Then came back over the top with spray paint silver glitter.

The hubby painted his black.  We decided the third one should be silver.  The pumpkins were a pretty big hit with the kids. We had trick or treaters comment on the pumpkins and lots of kids touch them too!  I'm not really sure why they were interested in touching the pumpkins but it was so funny, they all gravitated to the pumpkins and would comment on them!

This is just random but I like to get into the fun too, so you can sort of see part of my costume here...

Oh summer can go already...I love the fall and the holidays that come with it!


  1. Awesome idea and how sweet that the kids wanted to touch them! I love pumpkin ideas but I vote for a full shot of your costume! :)

    When I first started blogging years ago, there was a "show me your pretty pumpkin party" and I thought it was so fun! I've been playing with pumpkins ever since!

    Summer may NOT go from here because it hasn't COME yet!

  2. Love these! I love how shiny and shimmery they are! I agree with Holly, I'd love to see your entire costume! I love the tights! Yeah, I'm tired of summer. Constant 100 degree days have gotten old really fast!

  3. I miss the fall by around the 2nd week of summer. :) Love the pumpkins!