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Monday, March 26, 2012

Christmas Shadowbox

I was inspired by this blog I like to follow called "Two Crazy Crafters". This is a mother and daughter duo who also own a scrapbook store.  The daughter made a "Christmas Shadowbox" that I thought was adorable!

Over the weekend, I made this...

 I used a vintage snowman pin at the top and a vintage button in the middle, along with bottle brush trees and a vintage ornament near the bottom.

 I used a vintage wooden painted snowman ornament, more buttons, adhesive card stock and another bottle brush tree.
 I found this vintage, painted red, wooden utensil tray at a local antique store for $10, which I felt was a fair price.
 I cut out Christmas styled scrapbook paper and glued to the tray.

Sorry for the blurry pics.  I only use my iPhone anymore cause using a camera is such a pain!


  1. I love Twyla and Lindsey! They are some of my oldest blogging friends. Your shadow box turned out great! I've always wanted to make one. so many projects so little time to do them all! ♥

  2. I just discovered their blog about a month ago, through Pinterest. I love it!

  3. This is genius, I'll have to try make one sometime. I really love the idea!