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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sorry...Out of Candy !!!

My sweet neighbor invited me over for some crafting today!  We both had been inspired by this pin on Pinterest and decided to make our own little door Halloween signs letting trick-or-treaters know when we are done giving candy out on Halloween night. 

Out of Treats sign for Halloween from 11 Magnolia Lane

Last year, we experienced some very late night trick-or-treaters at our doors and I don't want that happening this year when we will have a 10 month old wanting to get her beauty sleep:)

We used basic wood boards, craft paint, scrap book paper, modge podge, hot glue gun, ribbon, stickers and sparkly spiders.  It is fun to see how we each came up with something different and fun!

My neighbor's 

 and mine

Happy Halloween blogger friends !!!




  1. Well hello there, stranger! Your sign is so cute! I like yours best.

    How fun to have a crafting neighbor! Wish I had one.

    I don't know if any trick or treaters will come here or not. I need to find out .

  2. How fun! I love it! It's nice to see you posting again! Hope you and your family are doing well! I wish I would get trick-or-treaters..but I love too far out of town.