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Friday, February 8, 2013

Memory Jars

I thought I would post what I did for my co-workers this last year 2012, for Christmas gifts. It is something that I think is easy, cute and practical! I did "Memory Jars" for the year 2013. I have been collecting vintage blue canning jars and had some great finds over the summer at estate sales. There is a neat website that will help you date your blue Ball brand canning jars. Did you know that Ball brand stopped making blue canning jars in 1937? Pretty neat! So, if you find a blue Ball brand canning jar, you will know that it is from somewhere between the late 1890's and 1937. So the point of a memory jar is to collect your funny happenings or good memories throughout the year and put safely into the canning jar. One New Year's eve, at the very end of the year, you take the "memories" out and read them! Fun! Anyways, to cuten them up, I printed out the instructions and glued them to Christmas scrap book paper and used scalloped scissors to cut the tags out. I also bought some "fat quarter" fabric at Wally World and cut to fit under the jar lids. I then filled the jars with gourmet chocolates.

I also made Salted Carmel Chocolate Bark and also Cinnamon Whipped Honey. If you click on my Recipe link under the "Labels" section of the side of this blog, you can find both great and easy recipes:)


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