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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Button Bottle Brush Tree Santa Mug

Sooooo, remember awhile back when I posted about buttons and said I was working on a project that I would eventually share? I had also posted about these super neat vintage Santa mugs I had found at a local thrift store. Well, I finally finished the little project today! Whew!!! It took a little while, mainly because I was bad about just sitting down and getting it done!

 So, I had collected quite a few different kinds of bottle brush trees last year, for my crafting projects. I also have quite a bit of buttons and was not doing anything with them. It dawned on me to just hot glue the buttons to the tree and then when finished, sit in the mug!

Some of the placement of the buttons are a little caddywhompus but oh well.  It is DIY crafting so it doesn't have to be perfect right?



  1. Caddywhompus! I love that word and I love your tree! Very cute! ♥

    1. Oh, thank you for your support Holly! You are always saying something nice. You are a real treat!

  2. What an adorable Christmas craft! I love it! I have a boat-load of vintage buttons. You may have just given me an idea on what to use them on ;)