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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Button Egg Craft

I was inspired by a push button Christmas ornament I saw on Pinterest and decided to do an Easter egg. Let me just say that is was actually pretty hard work!  It took me about a month and half of sitting down here and there to work on it and nearly 1,000 push pins.  Next time, I will definitely go for a smaller goal if I ever make this kind of craft again:)

To make one of these, you need a foam shaped egg, button and push pins.  I started at the top of the egg and went down, laying layers of buttons, pushing pins into them and then finally, filling ALL spaces with extra pins.

It's weighs a ton!  LOL!  I flipped over the bottom half of a vintage Fiesta sugar bowl to use as an egg cup.

Hoppy Easter!  Hope the Easter Bunny visits your house and brings you lots of nice treats!

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